Ice-T Loves Coco and Guns, Too

Rapper and actor Ice-T sat down for an interview with CNN and revealed that he’s a gun enthusiast.

The question was sent in by a self-proclaimed gun lover, who commented that he’d seen Ice-T wear a lot of shirts with guns. The fan asked Ice-T if he collected firearms.

He answered, “I think men are very simple. You give ‘em cars, gadgets, guns, food and [beep] — he’s staying in the house.” We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that the bleep replaced “ass.” After all, it was the one thing conspicuously missing from that list.

Of course, Ice-T doesn’t just see firearms as toys for adult men. He sees them as a critical component of self-defense and home protection: “As long as you’ve got one, I want one. I’m not gonna have you run up in my house with an M-16 and I’m looking for a knife. That’s not a good look.”

It seems as though this is his true motivator for keeping guns. As much as men love firearms, Ice-T would be willing to hand them all over if it resulted in a more peaceful society. He added, “I’d give up my guns if everybody else was willing to, including the police.”

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