Buffalo Police Make 145 Arrests in 10 Days with Aggressive Crime-Fighting Strategy

Buffalo News reports that an aggressive crime-fighting program by the Buffalo police force has resulted in a whopping 145 arrests in just 10 days.

PoliceHow are the cops pulling off such impressive numbers? Basically, they’ve dramatically increased police presence and they’re pursuing even minor crimes. The theory here, it seems, is that busting people for small crimes leads to discovering bigger crimes. The police issued 409 traffic summons in the first few days of the program, which includes 46 impounded vehicles and $2,442 in seized cash from suspects. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with carrying around a lot of cash, the implication is that this money was slated to be used for crime-related street deals.

Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown is happy with the way things have been going: “This is sending out a very strong message to the crime element. Don’t do it because we’re watching, and our police officers are out there, and it’s just a matter of time before we arrest you and put you in jail.”

Other citizens of Buffalo agree with the mayor. A city councilman reported that he’s been receiving calls from happy constituents, and during the Buffalo News interview a businessman in a pickup shouted to the councilman to warn him about drugs being sold on a nearby street. The whole city (well, except for the criminals) is ready to reap the benefits of this tough stance on crime.

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