14-Year-Old Boy Shoots Home Invader, Defends Siblings, Makes Parents Proud

A 14-year-old boy defended his younger siblings by shooting and critically wounding a home invader, The Guardian Express reports.

Boy Shoots IntruderA young teenager in Phoneix, Arizona, was minding his own business, dutifully babysitting his three younger brothers in their home. They were interrupted when a woman knocked at theer door. The 14-year-old didn’t recognize the woman (stranger danger!), so he wisely opted to give her the could shoulder. When he later heard a bang (it is unclear if the bang was from a gun or something hitting the door), the teen rushed his brothers upstairs and grabbed a handgun from his parent’s room.

He returned to the top of the stairs to find that a man with a gun had broken through the front door. The boy shot the 37-year-old intruder, who is now in critical condition but expected to survive. Once he’s recovered, he’ll be taking a one-way trip to jail. We’re guessing he’s going to have to come up with something better than “I was beaten by a 14-year-old” when his cellmate asks him what he’s in for.

The woman escaped, but with the man in custody we can cross our fingers and hope that she’ll get pulled in, too.

Let this be a lesson to gun owners: teach every member of your family how to safely handle a firearm. At the very least, it should reduce the risk of gun-related accidents in the home. In the best case scenario, it could help avoid you coming home one day to discover that your kids have been abducted by a perverted couple.

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