3 Athens, GA Gun Owners Stop Crimes; Police Complain About Stolen Thunder

According to a story by Online Athens, three separate gun owners foiled crimes using their handheld firearms and more than a bit of courage. Evidently, Athens, Georgia is a terrible place to decide to start a career as a criminal.

Gun Owner ProtectionHere’s a quick rundown of brave gun-owners:

  • Raymond Penn, a 75-year-old business owner, spotted a suspicious man who had snuck into his business. Penn confronted the stranger and warned him that he was armed, but the man opened fire on Penn. Penn returned fire and proved to be the better shot, because he put a bullet in the intruder’s head. The intruder survived (somehow), and authorities do not plan to press charges. Penn later told reporters, “I had no option but to return fire and defend myself. It’s regrettable, but he put himself in the position and had the opportunity to step out of it.”
  • Willie Reed was snoozing in his home when the sounds of two burglars roused him. He grabbed his revolver and confronted the TV-snatchers. The crooks tried to flee in their van, but Reed unloaded five bullets into the vehicle. The burglars wrecked their getaway vehicle in the chaos, and the police captured both men a few moments later.
  • And in the knight-in-shining-armor category, Dennis Terry happened to drive by an assault in progress. A man was beating up a woman who had caught him breaking into her car. Terry recalled, “I went running toward them and started hollering. ‘You get down and turn her loose or I’ll shoot.’ […]When he saw I meant business he turned her loose and ran.”

Capt. Clarence Holeman, commander of the Athens-Clarke police Centralized Criminal Investigations Division, would prefer if citizens stopped stepping on his toes. He said, “I believe in the Second Amendment, but I wish people wouldn’t take the law into their own hands unless it’s a direct threat where they know their life is in danger or someone else’s is.” Not included is this quote is the sound of a lone violin playing in the background.

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