Anti-Holder Protest at White House Cut Short by Suspicious Backpack

Appoximately 50 college-age protestors waved anti-Holder signs at the recent Twitter #FireHolder demonstration, even though the Secret Service quickly shut the event down.

Talk Radio News Service reports that 23-year-old Timothy Dionisopoulos co-created a Facebook event urging people to step up and speak their minds on the section of sidewalk outside the White House. Some signs read “Holder: Serial Hypocrite Killer” and “Guns don’t kill people, Holder does.” These protestors really weren’t pulling any punches. To paraphrase Kermit the Frog, “It’s not easy being Erik Holder.”

The protest was short-lived, however. The Secret Service was forced to shut down the demonstration after a backpack was abandoned near the White House’s North Lawn.

Eric Holder Protest

According to Red Alert Politics, many of the demonstrators not-so-subtly suggest that the Secret Service planted the backpack as an excuse to break up the protest. Dionisopoulos recalls that the Secret Service appeared edgy and “they just seemed to be interested in getting rid of us.” He adds that the protestors, “were not invited to come back” after the backpack was cleared.

Of course, it’s pretty much the job of the Secret Service to get nervous whenever large crowds gather around the White House, so that’s not really suspicious. Did the Secret Service really lie in order to break up the protest on purpose? Sure, it’s possible, but if they did then they really wasted a trump card on a relatively small one-day protest.

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