Amanda Furrer, 21, Excited to Shoot for the USA at Upcoming Olympics (VIDEO)

Amanda Furrer, a giggly and be-dimpled 21-year-old, is preparing to shoot in the 2012 London Olympic Games, KHQ reports. Furrer will be trying her luck in the three-position 50m shooting competition.

Despite her comparatively young age, Furrer’s been practicing with her rifle for close to a decade. She first started shooting at the age of 11 under the guidance of her father. Two years later she got her Anschutz .22 caliber, which she’s been using ever since. She recalled, “I thought it was a cool thing, a cool sport.”

Furrer qualified for a spot on the Olympic team when she won the nationals, making her one of two American gals able to shoot in the three-position 50m competition in the London Games. Furrer suspects that she’ll put some of her opponents off-guard: “They’re not used to seeing girly-girls like to shoot some guns.”

While this is her first shot at the Olympics, she’s ready to bring back a medal to her home town of Spokane, Washington. She added, “It feels good to be successful and to come back and see this is where I started. And I’m back now, and I can share my story with everybody.”

Next time we see a video clip of this cheerful markswoman, we hope to see a new piece of gold jewelry around her neck.

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