Bass Pro Shops Promos New NRA Museum with NASCAR Paint Job

The NRA Blog reports that Bass Pro Shops has painted their NASCAR Chevrolets with an NRA color scheme in honor of the grand opening of the new NRA museum.

The NRA will be opening a 7,000-square-foot museum at the Bass Bro Headquarters in Missouri later this year. In order to drum up some support, the Bass Pro Shops cars are showing their colors with these beautiful red, white, blue, and black paint jobs. Jamie McMurray will drive the No. 1 Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet car at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in Daytona, and Auston Dillon will race for the victory in his No. 3 Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

The Founder of Bass Pro Shops, Johnny Morris, explains that this this is much more than a paint scheme: “Jamie and Austin are not only racers, but they’re also outdoorsmen and conservationist.” This appears to be a case where each driver can truly get behind the messages emblazoned across the sides of his vehicle.

The folks over at Bass Pro Shops aren’t the only people excited about the upcoming museum. Jim Supica, the Museum Director of the NRA Museum in Virgina, is looking forward to the extra display room, “Our [Virginia] exhibit floor is roughly fifteen thousand square feet. The displays, unfortunately, are full. So when the Bass Pro Shops exhibits opens in Missouri, that will free up space here in Virginia.”

This business agreement trifecta should have something that appeals to everybody. It’s got guns, fishing, and NASCAR — if there isn’t anything in that list that gets your motor running, then you’re just allergic to fun.

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