‘Haus of Guns’ Bloggers Makes Appearance on American Guns

Eric of the popular gun blog Haus of Guns got an opportunity to appear on the Discovery Channel show, American Guns.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Eric or his blog, Haus of Guns features gun and gear reviews, as well as general gun tips and opinions. Eric also has a YouTube channel where he takes a closer look at firearms – you might want to check it out.

Eric got a chance to show up on the popular reality TV show, which aired last night. Like a true blogger, he’s already posted about his experience. So, if you want a first-hand account of what your favorite American Guns personalities are like off camera, check out Eric’s post. Generally, he had nice things to say about them.
American Guns
Eric also goes into life on a reality TV show, and just how real it actually is. He states, somewhat disappointingly, that “You feel like an idiot on the show,” and added, “when you’re on set filming you can see why they have you do this. The scenes are filmed over and over so many times that everything loses its luster. Stuff gets repetitive and it can be easy to lose interest when fatigue and boredom begin to set in. There were parts where I felt so ridiculous and fake that I considered just walking away.”

So, hopefully Eric’s post won’t shatter your naive perceptions of what reality TV is like, but you might want to read the post anyway. Maybe you’ll learn something about the world of show biz (and a few things about guns while you’re at it).

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