Artists Transform AK-47s into Works of Art for International Day of Peace

The Voice of Russia reports that AK-47s will act as the base material for 24 different artists as they create art pieces in honor of the International Day of Peace.

Wait, what? International Day of Peace? AK-47s? What’s the connection here? Is it, “An armed society is a polite society?” Is it, “Guns are only useful once they’re broken?” Or maybe, “Pray for peace, ready for war?”

We suppose that’s a question to be answered by the individual artists. Some might go for messages of peace and transform the AK-47 into a symbol against gun violence, while others might go down a completely different route and portray guns as a catalyst for rebellions against dictatorships. Regardless of what they create, these modern art pieces will assuredly leave people everywhere scratching their heads, wondering, “What the hell am I looking at?”

AK-47 Art

This art show was the brain child of Bran Symondson, who recently served in Afghanistan. He collected 24 decommissioned AK-47 rifles and hopes that the guns will be reincarnated in their new peace-promoting forms.

The most notable artist on the list of participants is Damien Hirst, who is quite possibly the world’s most (in)famous artist. You know, he’s that British guy who suspended animals in formaldehyde and created a diamond-studded skull. It is still unclear whether or Hirst will create an AK-47 art piece, or if he is just backing the project.

The exhibit will be on display in September.

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