Axe-Wielding Robber Foiled by Gun-Wielding Restaurant Owner

A North Carolina man’s attempt to rob a restaurant with an axe was foiled when the restaurant owner produced a gun, WBTV reports.

We all know that you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight, but evidently 45-year-old David Leroy Deese didn’t grasp that that sage advice applies to all bladed weapons. Deese walked into the Rusty Grill in Lancaster, NC, brandished an axe, and then demanded money. Deputies say that the business owner produced a gun and challenged Deese.

North Carolina RobberAt that point, Deese began apologizing and admitting that he was on drugs. Deese was able to flee the scene, though the police picked him up a few streets over. He’s being charged with armed robbery and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. There is currently no word as to whether or not Deese was in possession of drugs or under the influence.

Lancaster Sheriff Barry Faile commended the unnamed restaurant owner for his quick thinking and prudence, “First and foremost I am thankful that no one was injured during this incident. The business owner showed great restraint as he rightfully defended himself and his business.” That’s generally a decent principle to go by. Just because you have a gun and you’re probably in the right to pull the trigger, that doesn’t always mean that you should.

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