89-Year-Old SC Woman Scares Off Two Home Invaders with Her .38-Caliber Revolver (VIDEO)

SC Now reports that an 89-year-old South Carolina woman successfully foiled two would-be robbers with her .38-caliber pistol.

Senior citizen Ruby Hodge of Blenheim, South Carolina was in her home at 8 a.m. on Monday when she heard two knocks at the back door of her small house. Hodge recalled, “But before I moved, they knocked a third time and busted my door open. I said to myself, ‘That’s a break in!’” Hodge grabbed her .38-caliber pistol, which belonged to her late husband from underneath her mattress.

The two men who broke into Hodge’s house were expecting to rob a little, old lady – what they weren’t expecting was to face down the barrel of a gun. Hodge said that when she confronted the two men “They [took] off and run.” Hodge then activated the lifeline emergency button that she wore around her neck, and within a few minutes Marlboro County Sheriff Fred Knight arrived on the scene.

Knight said, “I was just amazed. When she told me she met the intruders with a handgun pointed at them, she said they went out faster than they came in. She is my hero!”

The two suspects may have fled the scene, but they weren’t able to escape the gaze of a nosy neighbor. A passerby saw a strange vehicle parked in Hodge’s driveway and recorded the license plate number. It’s a good thing, too, because that led to the arrest of Ronnie Henry Stevenson Jr., 31, and Nelson Hawkins, 42, two of the most inept criminals on the planet.

This marks the second time that Hodge has been robbed in the past month. Last time, two women broke into her home while Hodge was out (lucky for the girls) and stole her jewelry. Despite her recent streak of bad luck, Hodge said that she isn’t interested in moving. She’s already demonstrated that she’s tough enough to scare off two hardened criminals, so what could she possibly be afraid of?

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