Daniel Defense’s new Build Your Own DDM4 website

Daniel Defense is rolling out a new website that lets you build a custom DDM4 rifle to your exact specifications. This new DDM4 portal not only lets you see what various rifle parts look like compared against each other, once you’re done, you can have Daniel Defense build one for you just like it. 

The idea is sound and other companies have done this before, just not in the gun world. Now you can get a custom DDM4 just as easily as you might order a custom laptop. Check it out here.


The process is probably familiar to you. You go through each step and make your selection from a list of options. When you’re done, you can save your order, go back and look at other orders, place your order and start the purchasing process, or just get your personal DDM4 made into a desktop wallpaper for your viewing pleasure.

“The new Build Your DDM4 feature on the Daniel Defense corporate web site is a valuable tool aimed at customers who envision a different configuration than currently offered on our premium firearms. We’re excited to deploy this platform and witness first-hand the customer’s reaction to this option. We feel there’s nothing else available in the marketplace geared toward giving the gun enthusiast this amount of flexibility as they customize a firearm,” said Jay Duncan, VP of Sales & Marketing.

You get a full spread of options with your builds, starting with your pick of trigger groups, standard or Geissele 2-stage, carbine or mid-length gas system, chambering in 5.56, 300 AAC Blackout or 6.8 SPC, barrel weight and profile, handguards smooth and railed, muzzle devices and forward pistol grips. Each option has an info button to learn more about it. Options that are not compatible with what you’ve selected are blocked. 


We did find that the 6.8 SPC options were a little broken, in that if you select 6.8 SPC, you cannot complete your rifle. But this is a trivial problem and we suspect Daniel Defense will get it fixed up right fast.

The final product will run you about $1,500 to start and ramp up from there, reflecting the Daniel Defense product and quality. You aren’t limited to just rifles, though, as you can build your own DDM4 upper receiver if that’s all you want. The upper-only route has short-barrel options for SBRs and AR pistols. 

This is a good start for Daniel Defense. Not only can you mess around and build your personal dream DDM4, you can also use this to break down your DDM4’s parts list, download a .pdf of your design, and even email it to someone else to get the feedback (or envy) you want from your friends. 

Does having an online builder make you more likely to seek out Daniel Defense for your next AR?