Bargain Hunting: Bushnell Fall Binocular Bonanza rebate

If you’re thinking about picking up a new set of binoculars, now may be the right time. Bushnell is offering rebates on three of their lines of binoculars, for up to $75 back on a purchase. The rebate lasts through to the end of the year and covers a decent number of full-size binoculars. 

From the press release, “The rebate program is available to consumers who purchase an Elite, Legend Ultra HD or Trophy XLT binocular between October 1 and December 31, 2012. Bushnell is offering a $75 rebate on Elite binoculars, a $50 rebate on Legend Ultra HD binoculars and a $25 rebate on Trophy XLT binoculars.”

The Bushnell Binocular Bonanza rebate program covers the following models:

Bushnell binocularsThis rebate covers both inexpensive, entry-level binoculars as well as some of the higher-end models. And these prices are from the Bushnell store, you can find them for less from other vendors online and local stores too. Just make sure you fill out the rebate form and get it mailed in by January 15th, 2013, that’s the deadline for Bushnell to cut you a check. 

Like all their products, these have durable, multicoated lenses and are designed to withstand more than just benchrest duties. They’re also protected by Bushnell’s money back guarantee. If you find that you don’t think this is the best optic for you, you have an entire year after the time of purchase to send it back to Bushnell for a full refund.

So whether you’re looking to pick up a binocular for your own uses or can think of a shooter or outdoor enthusiast or two who looks like they need a nice set of binoculars for the holidays, keep this in mind. You have until December 31 to pick one out.