As Gun Sales Continue to Soar, is Now the Time to Stock Up? (VIDEO)

According to Howard Reed, owner of Howard’s Pawnshop in Macon, Georgia, now is the time to stock up on firearms and ammo, before the presidential election is decided.

Reed, who was interviewed by local news affiliate 13WMAZ, recalled the 2008 election season when there was a spike in sales and product was flying off the shelves. 

“It was just like someone turned on a faucet, and I mean it was wide open, ‘I want two of this,’ ‘2,000 rounds of that,” he said. 

The key then, is to cash in now before the next frenzy fully takes hold, Reed argues in his new radio ad, which is designed to remind “people of the way our industry was affected before, and our ad is entirely to encourage people to come get products while we have them.”

But as Reed also pointed out, much of the demand for guns and ammo was driven by fear that an Obama Administration would attack the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. 

“There was fear in the hearts and guts of people nationwide or else what happened before, wouldn’t have happened.”

Now, in 2012, much of that fear remains. The FBI has once again reported a record high number of National Instant Criminal Background Checks (NICS) for the month of September – about 200,000 more than in 2011.

While Obama has not passed confiscatory gun laws, he has presided over the fatally flawed Fast and Furious Operation, sanctioned negotiations for a U.N. Global Arms Trade Treaty, voiced support for the renewal of the Assault Weapons ban, appointed two pro-gun control justices to the Supreme Court, and through executive powers, ratified a long-arm multiple purchases tracking mandate in border states. 

All of this makes one wonder what a second term Obama presidency would look like. 

Though, is it enough of a concern to compel one to go out and spend a large portion of his/her savings on arms and ammo?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

One thing for sure, this uncertainty and unease is helping to keep demand at a high. WHNT in Alabama reports:

A recent FBI report shows that more than 10 million firearms have been purchased so far in 2012, a blistering pace that would shatter the all-time record of 11 million sales set just last year…

The FBI report projects that up to four million more guns could be sold before the end of the calendar year. The agency also reports that gun sale background checks in Alabama have spiked by 37 percent in the last four years, making it one of the more active states for gun purchases.

Of course, there are a lot of questions for potential buyers to contemplate before they go out to make any bulk purchases, i.e. Will this trend continue?  Or is this a market bubble for the gun industry (will demand slacken and will supply eventually outpace demand, thus bringing down prices)?  What happens if Romney is elected?

From your perspective, what do you recommend?  Is now the time to stock up?