Check Out These Racks

The Racks Calendar is now in its 13th edition. For those of you who aren’t fully up to date on the hunting world, the Racks calendar shows off some beautiful racks – in both senses of the word. It includes lovely, bikini-clad ladies showcasing deer antlers. It’s up for debate as to which set of racks is more impressive, so we’ll let our readers decide.

If you order the calendar now, it should arrive just in time for the 2013. And don’t worry if you’re just finding out about this blood-pumping calendar for the first time today — you can order previous years’ editions for a slight mark-up. This year’s calendar promises to be the most captivating one to date. It features stunning models and some of the biggest deer that were nabbed during this year’s hunting season.
2013 Racks Calender
This year’s calendar will set you back $16.95 plus shipping and handling. That price will get you a beautifully printed 12”x16” calendar that any hunter would love to hang on his wall. 

The folks behind the Racks Calendar also sent a few calendars and posters to the men serving overseas as part of the Racks in Iraq initiative. So c’mon, how can you not support a worthy cause like that? If they’re donating to the troops, then that’s pretty much all you need to justify the purchase. At least, that’s the excuse we’re telling ourselves.