Bargain Hunting: $20 rebate on Rossi Matched Pair

Rossi is offering a $20 mail-in rebate for seven models of Matched Pair long guns. This rebate is retroactively valid for all purchases starting September 1, 2012 and covers all purchases until the end of this year. Rossi Matched Pairs are single-shot break-action guns that come with both a rifle and shotgun barrel. 

The rebate covers their youth-friendly Matched Pairs, putting the spotlight firmly on these as gifts for the holiday season. It is for three .410 bore/.22 Long Rifle pairs, which your choice of blue finish with  brown, black or pink synthetic stocks, the .410/.22 LR with a nickel finish and black synthetic furniture, and three 20 gauge/.22 LR pairs with your choice of blue finish with brown, black or pink synthetic stocks. 

But you don’t have to be a kid to appreciate an inexpensive single shot set like these. Match Pairs are exceptionally lightweight, compact guns, having 22-inch shotgun barrels and 18.5-inch rifle barrels. They weigh just 3.75 pounds with the .410 barrel and 5.6 with the .22 LR barrel, and an even 5 pounds with the 20 gauge barrel. While that’s on the light side for 20 gauge, the added versatility may just be worth it for adults. 

Another nice thing about the Matched Pair is that it can be stowed broken into three parts. This makes it easy to stow and transport, and Matched Pairs come with soft carrying cases for just that. 

One way or the other, you’ve got a terrific plinker and small to medium game getter. Usually priced around $175, Matched Pairs are pretty affordable to begin with, the $20 rebate is just icing. With a little luck and effort, you can find Matched Pairs for even less. 

The nitty-gritty is that you need to mail in the original store receipt within 20 days of purchase, the UPC and serial number from the box or a copy of it and expect 6-8 weeks to get you check. They must be postmarked no later than January 15. The offer is good for one rebate per gun, so if you have multiple children or children of all ages, you can get more than one. 

For model numbers and rebate specifics check out Rossi’s rebate page.  

So whether you’re looking to introduce someone to shooting, looking for a lightweight survivalists’ rifle, a truck gun, or one for all three, now’s a good time to buy Matched Pairs.