Silly Putty Shotgun Shells: More Dangerous Than You’d Think (VIDEO)

Last week, we covered a video from Taofledermaus in which they tested out a homemade bolo shell against an industrial-strength hardhat. Evidently these guys are willing to shoot just about anything out of the barrel of a shotgun, including some of your favorite childhood toys. Taofledermuas recently uploaded a video that shows off a shotgun shell filled with silly with somewhat surprising results.

Silly putty is one of those oddball substances. It’s technically a type of fluid, but it acts more like a solid than a liquid. That gives it some goofy qualities, such as its ability to stretch, bounce, or act as a truly devastating personal defense round.

They loaded silly putty into a shell and fired it out of a Mossberg 590, 12 gauge shotgun. What do you think silly putty will do? Give it a guess:

  • Explode and scatter after firing.
  • Maintain its shape until it hits the target.

And will it:

  • Shatter on impact into a million tiny particles
  • Maintain its shape on impact in several larger chunks.

The results might surprise you:

Silly Putty holds up fairly well straight out of the barrel, but once it hits its target it transforms into non-newtonian confetti. It’s hard to get a sense for just how devastating a silly putty round can be until you see how effective it is against a clay block. To say that silly putty got a kill shot is a total understatement. Silly putty could break bones and blow open a hole in your chest “like a sledgehammer to the chest.” Who would have guessed that a bouncy fluid could punch so much energy into a target?

This is neat and all, but it’s more of a testament to the physics of shotguns than it is to the physics of silly putty. It seems that you could put just about anything in a shotgun shell, and as long as it weighs more than a cotton ball and is more solid than jello, there’s a pretty good chance that it will deliver enough stopping power to cripple or kill an adult person. Of course, that’s only a guess based on the available evidence – we won’t know for sure until Taofledermaus gives it a whirl.

Can you think of any weird materials that you’d like to see Taufledermaus launch out of a shotgun? Ice cubes? Tooth picks? Batteries? Stop by their Youtube channel and offer them suggestions. Maybe next week we’ll feature videos of your bizarre shotgun ammo.

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