Brugger & Thomet 5.56 APC Rifle (5 PHOTOS)






The Firearm Blog Exclusive: B&T APC223 Prototype .223 Rifle

“Folks, you saw it here first. Brugger & Thomet (B&T) has developed a prototype .223 Remington version of their APC9 submachine gun. We don’t have any specs on the gun, but we can see from the photos that it uses AR-15 magazines, has fully ambidextrous controls, a left/right swappable charging handle and a folding stock.”

That’s a slick-looking gun. I think the backup sights look a bit tall, and clearly “upper 1/3” co-witness with that optic, but these are things that can be worked on. Big fan of truly ambidextrous firearms and straight folding stocks.