Maynard James Keenan’s ‘Gunfighter Wine Snob’ Suppressed 300 BLK Wilson Combat Rifle

“It’s Christmas. Fantastic. Wonderful. I’m going to take it to church.”

Of course Keenan has a rifle that’s completely boss, what would you expect from the lead singer of Tool owner of Caduceus Vinyard.

I get a kick of how Keenan’s this wine guy now. At the last Tool concert I went to there were people hanging out during the intermission talking about their favorite Bordeauxs. Granted, they were tripping balls pretty hard at the same time, but that didn’t have any impact on their willingness to talk Malbec.

Also, they played pretty much all of “AEnima,” the title song, “46 & 2,” “Stinkfist.” It was righteous. Like a trip through time to 1996.

Hat tip GMB