An excruciating test and analysis, pitting the 9mm against the .45 acp. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each cartridge as they are compared to each other at the CarniK Con Small Arms Development Area (SADA).

The most crucial fact in this decision was raised flawlessly by Youtuber Tridd666, who commented smartly:

“.45 ACP was invented in America, by an American, for Americans to use to kill non-Americans. It is the most American cartridge ever invented.

“Whereas the 9×19 cartridge was invented by Hitler to kill puppies made of rainbows. Only someone who liked Hitler and hated puppies would use it in their weapon.

“This is the central point my thesis is about, titled; ‘I’m a Patriot, Why Aren’t You?’ (subtitle: Do You Hate Me for My Freedoms?)”