Hey Ladies! Wounded Warrior Turned Model (PHOTOS)

After a roadside bomb wounded 24-year-old U.S Marine Alex Minsky in Afghanistan in 2009, he was left with severe injuries – but managed to overcome his disabilities and look good in the process.

Minsky spent 47 days in a coma and suffered traumatic brain injuries, severe burns to his body and the amputation of his right leg. “I was down,” the CA-based Minsky said. “I was numb and I was running away from everything…especially myself, my own head.”

The Marine turned to alcohol to cope, but soon decided to face his issues head-on. “I didn’t want to run anymore,” he said. “I wanted to face my problems instead.” The war Veteran hit the gym and was soon discovered by photographer Tom Cullis.

“He had a movie star face with wild ink and sweat, “ remembered Cullis. Minsky is now a well-known underwear and fashion model.