Shooting occurs during conference on gun violence (VIDEO)

Gunfire erupted in a Mississippi park during a conference on gun violence Sunday.

While Hinds County Supervisor Kenneth Stokes was telling reporters the reason the basketball hoops were taken down was because the park was too dangerous, a shooting occurred just outside the gates, solidifying his argument, WAPT reports.

“Well, you can see what I’m saying,” Stokes commented after the gunshot rang out. “Here at this time, you’re hearing gunshots and those kinds of things, because that’s the nonsense that’s taking place. We must have a police presence.”

Stoke called upon the local police to increase their presence near the park and provide children a safer place to play. But  Hinds County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Othor Cain said Stokes voted to cut the budget, and if they had better funding, they would be able to provide more patrols.

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