Man intentionally shoots himself then blames it on made up ‘black man’


Brent Thomas Posada first told responding officers he was shot by a “black man,” but alter confessed he intentionally shot himself.

A Nevada man intentionally shot himself and then told responding officers he was attacked by a “black man with a gun.”

Redding native Brent Thomas Posada, 34, called the police after suffering a gunshot wound to the abdomen Feb. 1. He first told officers he was shot by a black man, but after investigators pointed out the holes in his story he later admitted to intentionally discharging an air rifle into his stomach, Record Searchlight reports.

Posada originally claimed he was standing on the sidewalk when a black man approached him and pointed a gun at his head. He said that he pushed the suspect’s arm away and a round was discharged into his abdomen.

After examining photos and evidence from the crime scene, investigators determined Posada’s story was false. He later admitted he intentionally shot himself with a high powered air rifle while inside his residence.

Though Posada was not arrested for filing a false police report, his case will be forwarded to the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office for further review.

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