Reason TV reports on cop that fatally shot 80-year-old man in his bed (VIDEO)

Reason TV released an investigative report Thursday on the  Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy who fatally shot an 80-year-old man while he was in his bed in June 2013.

Deputies from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department raided the residence of Eugene Mallory on June 27, 2013, in search for methamphetamine. During the raid, Sgt. John Bones fatally shot Mallory. At first he said Mallory charged at him with a gun, but later admitted to shooting him while he lay in his bed.

Bones said he ordered Mallory to drop his weapon before striking him with six rounds from his MP-5 submachine gun. But according to the audio, he issued the command after the shots were fired.

Bones also claimed Mallory stumbled towards him while holding a firearm, but he later admitted during an internal investigation he had actually been lying in his bed.

Mallory’s loaded .22-caliber pistol was found on his bedside table, but it had not been fired. No methamphetamine was discovered during the raid.

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