Prince Harry hunting photo surfaces after royal pledges to protect endangered animals


A years old photo of Prince Harry posing with a water buffalo he shot during a hunting trip has surfaced after he pledge to help save endangered animals Thursday.

The photo of the then 20-year-old royal was taken during a 2004 South Africa hunting trip and shows him posing beside a water buffalo he had just bagged. It emerged less than a week after the prince pledged to save Africa’s endangered animals and may detract from his cause, Daily Mail reports.

Though Prince Harry’s 2004 water buffalo hunt was legal, and while there is no evidence to suggest any of the royal family has hunted illegally, the photo may bring with it condemnation for the royals.

According to a senior representative of the royal family, “It would be a great shame if the publication of this picture were to detract from the efforts being made by the three princes to curb the appalling illegal wildlife trade.”

“Like his father and brother,” the representative continued, “Prince Harry has always been a strong supporter of the campaign to protect endangered species.”

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