Is there a tourniquet in your range bag? (VIDEO)

ITS Tactical and Lone Star Medics put together this video of how to pack, deploy and employ a SOF Tactical Wide tourniquet. A proven, $30 lifesaver.


SOF-T Wide tourniquets are available in non-tactical colors but still cost just $30. Don’t use a belt and a stick. (Photo credit: SOF-T)

It’s a good idea to keep one of these in your range kit. If you can afford to, keep one in your range kit, car, truck, go-bag and in a drawer in the kitchen.

Although this video is for a specific tourniquet a lot of this info applies to tourniquet use in general. Yeah, it’s a little long but we’re talking about something that, like knowing how to properly use a gun, can be the difference between life and death.

More tips and tricks can be learned over at the ITS Tactical YouTube channel.

What emergency supplies are in your range bag?