Oral interrupted: man takes pot-shots at rubberneckers mid-liason

Pioneer Square, Smith Tower, Seattle, Washington

Pioneer Square, near where the blow — shooting allegedly took place. (Photo: Mike Zens/Corbis)

Seattle police have taken a man into custody after he allegedly shot at two people who walked in while he was receiving oral sex. He is being charged with felony assault.

The man, Paul J. Hunter, has a concealed-carry permit for the handgun.

Prosecutors maintain that Hunter shot at a man and a woman who were investigating noise coming from the alcove he and his companion had occupied for their session.

The police report the man heard the two arguing about money and un-rendered services from his nearby apartment before stepping out to see what was going on. When the pair arrive they “spooked” the woman fellating Hunter, who fled, frustrating him.

“You’re dead motherfuckers,” said Hunter before drawing his gun on the victims. “You’re dead.”

The two took cover behind a parked car. After firing shots, the man pulled up his tuxedo pants and walked away.

He was in full formal dress.

Based on their description of the man, the police were quick to identify and arrest the suspect. He was armed with a 9mm Kel-Tec handgun that he is alleged to have used in the shooting. Court papers indicate that he had the pistol on his person when he was arrested, along with $190, personal effects and of course, his carry permit.

Hunter has no criminal history, but is being charged with second-degree assault and is currently in jail barring a $100,000 bond.

The report does not indicate if he was under the influence of any substances or if the session was literally mind-blowing, leaving him with reduced faculties at the time of the shooting.

It is not clear what occasion he had dressed for.

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