Legacy Sports has 3 new break-action single-shot shotguns

pointer single-shot break-action shotgun

MSRP is just $188. (Photo: Legacy)

Legacy Sports has introduced three new break-action single-shot shotguns in 12- and 20-gauge and .410 bore. Inexpensive and simple, these Pointer Single Shot utility shotguns have a plain matte black finish and lightweight, low-cost synthetic stocks and forends.

These aren’t youth guns or beginner guns. They have standard 14-inch lengths of pull and at under 5 pounds in 12-gauge these shotguns will push around inexperienced shooters. Even in 20-gauge they’ll have a bit of kick. The .410 bore shotgun is a bit heavier at 5.4 pounds and will be a lot easier on the shoulder but nevertheless these are utility shotguns for people looking to traveling light and spend little.

With a suggested price of only $188 shooters everywhere will find some sort of use for these uncomplicated shotguns, and retail prices will be even less than that. All models have 3-inch chambers, 28-inch barrels with fixed, modified chokes, brass bead front sights, and manual and passive safeties including a transfer bar safety to ensure that these shotguns are drop-safe.

Whether or not you were looking for a light single-shot break-action shotgun, at these prices it might be hard to pass up on added one of these to your collection. You don’t really need a good reason to get one besides having some fun with it, although weighing as little as these do, you never know when they’ll come in handy.