The story behind the sign


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Ok, so this is my first post for #‎ThrowbackThursday. During the gun shop days of 1977-84, we had lots of folks bringing guns in the front door – for sale, trade or minor gunsmithing. Standing behind the counter, we’d first move left or right (if necessary) so the gun wasn’t pointed directly at us. At the same time we would make eye contact with the Customer and ask for the gun.

Then, with the gun pointed in a safe direction (#1 rule of firearms safety) and our fingers away from the trigger (#2 rule), we would check to make sure it was unloaded (#3 rule).

Despite the assurances of the Customer that it was unloaded, with some regularity we would find ammunition in the magazine or in the chamber, or both.

We had this sign made up and posted at the front door, but it didn’t help. It seems that people who don’t pay attention as to whether their gun is loaded or not, probably don’t read signs.

Today we don’t have any walk-in business, except to pick up a previously placed order, so we no longer need the sign.

Interestingly, Missouri now issues Concealed Carry permits. We allow concealed carry in our facilities, but do ask that Customers and Employees keep their concealed carry guns concealed.

Anyway, we stopped using this sign over 30 years ago (December 1984), and I keep it in my office as a souvenir of days gone by but not forgotten.

So, who out there has interesting memories from 30 years ago and who’s had to give serious thought to Firearms Safety?

Aim Straight,

Larry Potterfield

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