Utah man injured after pipe bomb blows up in his hands (VIDEO)

When authorities were called to a Richfield, Utah, home last week for what was believed to have been an injury involving fireworks, soon discovered that 49-year-old Travis Hatch had two completely assembled pipe bombs and a third which had inadvertently blown up and was the true source of the man’s injuries.

After hearing the explosion, a neighbor saw Hatch running down the driveway with obvious injuries. The neighbor called 911 and Hatch was promptly transported to a local hospital, only to be later transferred to another facility near Salt Lake City.

Hatch is home now, but says he made a big mistake. He said it was just a hobby to him, something he liked to do, but he never meant to cause any harm and now realizes just how lucky he was.

“I’ve got children, grandchildren. I don’t want to go nowhere,” Hatch said. “This is the stupidest mistake I ever made.”

Hatch said he was assembling the bomb when it blew up in his hands.

He apologized for the potential danger he put his neighbors in as well.

Meanwhile, he said he’s ready to deal with the legal ramifications that may come from his actions. Creating explosives is a second-degree felony, but it’s not known yet if charges are to filed against Hatch.

[ KUTV ]