Boom! What it feels like to be on the bad side of a 57mm gun (VIDEO)

The U.S. Navy today released video of a warship conducting live fire testing of onboard 57mm and 30mm guns against a swarm of speedboats.

The USS Coronado, an Independence-class littoral combat ship embarked Mk 50 30mm gun mission modules to augment her Mk 110 57mm hood ornament for the tests off the coast of California last month.

The Mk 110 fires 13 pound party-hoagie-sized shells at a rate of four per second and can really ruin the day of sneaky smuggler, pirate trawler, tugboat suicide bomber or armed speedboat such as those preferred by certain Middle Eastern countries that rhyme with Smy-iran.

The smaller 30mm guns of the Mk 50 mounts can be fired in single shot, five-round bursts, and unlimited length bursts at a rate of 200 rounds per minute and utilize the same standard chili-dog-sized GAU-8 Avenger brrt candy as used by the A-10 Warthog.

To acquire these fast little targets, the guns use a heat seeking forward-looking infrared sensor, a low light television camera, and laser range finder with a closed-loop tracking system.

And judging from the soundless highlight reel, which is just begging to be set to a Scandinavian death metal soundtrack, the Navy’s assertion that Coronado‘s crew smoked a number of unmanned attack boats without a problem seems spot on.