Game warden shoots assailant in open-water gunfight while swimming for his life (VIDEO)


A Florida Wildlife Commission officer was jumped by two suspects while offshore and wounded yet returned fire as he was treading water, clipping one of his attackers in return.

The incident occurred last Friday when the officer boarded a sailboat in St. Andrew Bay near Panama City after a report of a disturbance. Once aboard the boat, he was ambushed by a suspect hiding who fired at him multiple times.

According to local reports, officer David Brady was shot twice, once in the clavicle and once in the lower abdomen while other rounds fired from his would-be killers were stopped by his vest.

Undeterred, Brady jumped from sailboat, seeking the protection of the warm Gulf waters and began to return fire, even reloading while in the dark brine of the Bay.

The suspects, one jumping to Brady’s patrol boat and seizing control, attempted to run the wounded game warden down but got a bullet in his hand courtesy of the officer for his efforts.

The two men, identified as Lachlan Fain Akins, 20, and Samuel Wyndham Reager, 18, were later arrested and charged while Brady is recovering from his wounds.