Sneaky drug dealers conceal cocaine in kid’s toys before shipping via USPS

cocaine smuggling

Authorities in New York City announced this week the breakup of what’s being called a high-level drug trafficking operation following a long-term investigation.

Five packages coming from Puerto Rico, each containing at least a kilo of cocaine disguised in children’s birthday packages as well as coke-stuffed Minions and Olaf toys, were intercepted before they made it to their final destination in the Big Apple.

But when Albert Fortosa accepted another one of the packages sent last month, authorities made their move, and arrested him and four others.

Fortosa as well as Joseph Owens, Daniel Reyes, Derek Santana and Mallory Claudio, all of New York City, each face various drug-related charges for their parts in the drug smuggling ring.

Authorities said the packages altogether contained some $225,000 worth of cocaine.

cocaine smuggling

[ NYC Special Narcotics Prosecutor ]