Have a tank loose in your neighborhood? We got a gun for that (VIDEO)

For situations where you may have a beef with a random tank, Ian over at Forgotten Weapons profiles a Mauser Tankgewehr M1918, or soul crusher.

The ludicrously large T-Gewehr, which was basically a Mauser bolt-action rifle on beast mode, fired a steel core (take that Greentip!) 13.2x92mm shell and was the world’s first production tank-killer. On the downside, it weighs 41 pounds and is over five feet long. Still, the Kaiser’s storm troopers used them to good effect against Allied tanks in the last years of World War I.

And, while Ian doesn’t take it out to the range and snipe tanks with it, you can imagine the groove it would carve out of your clavicle nonetheless. While today’s .50BMG rifles fire a round that is ballistically similar (12.7x99mm), they also have very efficient muzzle brakes and healthy buttstock padding– both of which are noticeably missing from Herr T-Gewehr.

If you close your eyes you can almost hear Rammstein warming up.