Man calls cops on prostitute who stole his Glock


A Glock 20, which is chambered for a 10mm cartridge, similar to the one that was stolen. (Photo: TN Gun Owners)

A Michigan prostitute is facing felony charges after police allege she stole a handgun from the home of a man who paid her for the old in and out.

MLive reported that the john discovered the Glock 10mm pistol he kept in his living room was missing after he found the empty holster when he was doing laundry on Aug. 8. The 58-year-old man called police and explained to responding officers that he had an idea who stole it — the prostitute he ordered online on July 26.

He identified 19-year old Shyann M. Klimaszewski, of Saginaw, Michigan, as the culprit. Klimaszewski, who said she has been working as a lady of the night to financially support her incoming baby. She was seven months pregnant at the time of her arrest and admitted to stealing the gun under the instruction of her handlers, Christopher M. Ray, 36, and Antonie S. Lee, 39.

Klimaszewski faces a charge of larceny of a firearm and felony firearm as do Ray and Lee. Her john does not face charges. However, the arrest led police to uncover an alleged prostitution ring.

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