Dan Bilzerian almost got Insta-screwed on his gun collection

While the King of Instagram was at an event in New York City, thieves attempted to burgle his Hollywood home– going right for the gun room.

As reported by a celebrity tabloid, person (s) unknown used the fact that Bilzerian was in the Big Apple Friday night at the Electric Zoo Music Festival as pretty good intel that no one was home and busted into his West Coast home, perhaps using geotags.

Once inside the man crib, they made a beeline for the gun vault, often shown in the professional gambler’s Instagram feed.

My office is a bit of a mess

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In the end, however, DB apparently had next level security on the vault as they left empty-handed.

The Presidential candidate soon took to the inter-webs to offer the crooks another try, with a little advice.

If you gonna break into my house, you should probably bring some guns

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