This 3-gun match competitor won’t let his lack of hands keep him down (VIDEO)

Hunter Cayll, also known as “Nubbs,” is an amateur 3-gun and USPSA shooter that doesn’t have any hands, but makes up for it in heart.

At the recent Blue Ridge Mountain 3 Gun Championship, Hunter had some issued scaling a mandatory wall challenge to get to the next stage at the top of a barn. But in the end was able to push through.

“Well,” he said in a comment with the above video on his Facebook page. “Climbing the rock wall taking the leap of faith wasn’t hard at all without gear. Having to let go and catch my self with a rifle and gear on my back made it a bit more challenging. This is how you don’t climb up the wall….”

It looks like he picked up some bruises, but he never quit.

Hard to keep a good man down.

[ Hunter Cayill Facebook ]