Man trying to snatch officer’s gun may have been attempting suicide (VIDEO)

A man in Butler City, Pennsylvania on Tuesday was caught on surveillance camera trying to pull a female officer’s gun from her holster.

Charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and attempting to disarm an officer is Matthew Fleeger, 36.

As seen in the above video captured by a camera at a Marathon gas station, Fleeger can be seen grabbing at the service weapon on a female officer’s belt. The officer then breaks contact with the man and creates space between them, deploying her taser and calling for back-up.

In the end five officers were needed to handcuff Fleeger, who is being held on a $50,000 bond.

“It’s our understanding that he has some mental health concerns. In that he was attempting to take his own life or have the officer take his life for him,” said Butler City Police Capt. Dalcamo. “The officer showed great restraint in the way she conducted herself that day. I think, all in all, it ended very well.”

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