Perhaps the most unsafe self-defense vid ever (VIDEO)

We often say, don’t try this at home, but with this footage from Israeli firearms trainer Idan Abolnik, its more like don’t even try this in a dream.

In the video, should you choose not to sit through it above, Abolnik has a student (?) hold a loaded (!) and chambered (!!) firearm muzzle-contact close against his head forehead (!!!) with his finger on the trigger (!!!!) then proceeds to get into a scuffle with said student (nope) where he strips the gun away, racks the slide (we hope because it had a snap cap in it) then pop off a few rounds.

To defend himself from about five different violations of the basic four rules of safe firearms handling, Abolnik says, “I strongly belive [sic] to train hard and close to realty [sic] as possible. I belive [sic] our mind set is completely different. Wen [sic] we train with plastic guns, knife, rifle etc, We all forget this weapons are very dangerous. And most important the person behind this weapons make them more dangerous”

Say that with a smoking hole in your forehead from a bad day of training…

And seriously, don’t try this at home or Jody will be moving in full time rather than just visiting.