Booth Bros at SHOT Show 2016

In response to feedback from our audience members that our Booth Babe galleries are a little one-sided, we decided to get with the times and roll out our first ever Booth Bros gallery to celebrate the many talented and handsome guys who do their very best every day to highlight and promote new products, equipment and, of course, guns at SHOT Show. Enjoy.


Kris Hammerstrom of the Kel-Tec Shooting Team showcasing their RFB24


Hayden Neilson and Joey Mussolini at Gallow


Scott McRee of Macrees Precision showcasing a McMillan single shot 50BMG rifle – 42 pounds FSCA hunter heavy guns class


Rich Angstadt of Angstadt Arms showcasing his UDP-9 in 9mm


Angel Mendez of Custom Gun Rails


Santiago Rodriguez at Radetec showcasing his smoked ham


Tyler Strobel at Colt’s Manufacturing showcasing their CSASS rifle


Markus of Hensholdt showcasing their 3.5 – 26×56 FF scope


Lenny Magill of The Glockstore showcasing their Custom Glock 34 Mako Package


Michael Willmer is not a Booth Bro but simply a Dapper Dude that I ran into