First red band trailer for Range 15 drops, and yes, it has Marcus Luttrell (VIDEOS)

Perhaps the first (and by definition best) independent film ever made by Veteran run military themed apparel companies now has its first trailer online.

You know it’s going to be good when you see Marine Capt. Dale Dye as President giving the low-down on how the country is circling the drain following the outbreak of a mysterious zombie apocalypse.

Featuring Medal of Honor recipients Leroy Petry and Clint Romesha, Article 15’s Mat Best, Ranger Up’s Nick Palmisciano, Hollywood’s own Danny “Machete” Trejo and Bill Shatner as well as pogo-stick tester Ron Jeremy, Range 15 is billed as a horror-comedy and takes tinsel town to task for its past crap-slap jobs at portraying military personnel.

And did we mention it also has Marcus Luttrell?

Because it has Marcus Luttrell.