Affordable night vision systems from NiteSite (VIDEO) recently attended the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Among the many fantastic products on display was the NiteSite system that attaches to your existing scope and offers night vision capabilities.

Kenney Richardson, who runs the US division of NiteSite, was good enough to give us a complete run-down of their systems.

There are three different models depending on how far you want to shoot. The Viper model, with a price of $600, illuminates out to 110 yards. The Wolf model, with a price of $900, illuminates out to 328 yards. And the Eagle model, with a price of $1200, illuminates out to 550 yards. They all come with a sturdy case and all of the necessary accessories. They are guaranteed for two years.

NiteSite also offers one other interesting product called the SpotterXtreme. It is a spotting unit with a 20x zoom and focus that illuminates out to 500 yards. It has a price of $1349.

All NiteSite products are available at good gun stores, online and at Cabelas.