Which can they do faster: strip the Glock or solve the cube? (VIDEO)

Two talented young men take on a Rubik’s-style puzzle cube and a mid-size Glock to see which one they can work faster, then trade and do it again.

Of course, it’s not a real Czech Rubik’s (look at the stickers) but it sure does look to be a legit Austrian polymer pistol and the guys have no real issue with either, pulling off a field strip and reassembly (each) within a minute.

And yes, they tend to use good firearms safety skills as well as far as trigger D (though they do dry fire once its reassembled to function check), muzzle D, and checking to make sure the Glock is clear when they first pick it up.

But remember, when they outlaw counterfeit Rubik’s cubes, only outlaws will have counterfeit Rubik’s cubes.