Australia to test pack-mounted machine gun hook. Seriously (VIDEO)

The Australian military is working on a new system that allows soldiers to patrol with medium and heavy machine guns at a ready position, though it’s “a funny looking contraption.”

The Advanced Accuracy Solutions Reaper is designed to “significantly improve tactical weapons application through controlled ergonomic carriage” and was developed over a five year period by AAS. A two piece aluminum hook attacked to a pack drops a length of para-cord and a snap down to the F89 Minimi (that’s M249 to you) or the FN MAG 58 (M240) to stabilize the weapon.

The Army took possession of the Reaper crane device at the Majura training area near Canberra last week and will test it for six months.

Hopefully someone thinks to run a couple simulations in an urban environment, in the jungle, or maybe getting out of a vehicle or helicopter or two. Just a humble suggestion.