Gunny: ‘I think everybody should be armed’ (VIDEO)

America’s favorite Marine, character actor, polymer gun rep and DI, R. Lee Ermey, had some easy words for the Second Amendment while visiting with Fox and Friends this week.

“Criminals don’t go to the gun shop to buy their guns, okay? Let’s get this straight right now. The criminals get their guns off the street,” said Ermey before taking on gun-free zones.

“If I’m a crook, if I’m a bad guy, where am I going to commit my crime– I’m going to see this sign that says ‘gun-free zone,” he said before moving in for the enchilada we were all waiting for:

“I think everybody should be armed,” he said. “Every normal, logical, level-headed individual should be armed.”

Just don’t hide a jelly donut in your locker.