California man guards neighborhood from wild fire looters via AR-15 (VIDEO)

With the Sand Fire burning more than 37,000 acres in Santa Clarita Valley this week, one resident stayed behind to watch over his deserted neighborhood with a black rifle for companionship.

The Santa Clarita Valley Signal stumbled across Robinson Ranch resident Jim Dematte as the fire burned in the hills in the distance.

“We’re here just keeping an eye on the place,” said Dematte.

When asked what he has with him for self-defense, the homeowner clad in a sleeveless tee to help beat the heat, was diplomatic.

“Well, first of all good sense, common sense, and it doesn’t hurt to have an AR-15,” he said. “There is a lot in the media now about these ‘horrible weapons of death’ and a lot of times these weapons can save people, too.”