NRA-TV: Black people are political commodities for Clinton (VIDEO)

A segment on the NRA’s new NRA-TV claims that Hillary Clinton’s campaign uses black people as political commodities.

NRA-TV is a new venture that started last month that plays NRA videos 24 hours a day. Occasionally, Grant Stinchfield breaks in with live updates. In an update Friday, Stinchfield welcomed NRA member and gun rights advocate Colion Noir on the show to talk about a recent Clinton campaign development. Noir, who is black, said “Clinton, and her entire campaign don’t care about black people unless their bodies are lifeless and cold, donating to her foundation, or paying them to give speeches.”

Stinchfield started the segment by noting that “Clinton staffers wanted to find a way to use (Eric Garner) in a Hillary Clinton Op-Ed piece about gun violence. That revelation rightly outraged Eric Garner’s daughter.”

“We’re nothing more than political commodities, where the agenda is the main course meal, and they just kinda sprinkle a couple of black dead bodies on top of that anti-gun agenda, just to make things seem a little bit worse than they really are,” said Noir. “And it’s insulting as hell, and it’s disgusting.

“Because we are being distracted by perceived political incorrectness on one end, we somehow justify the idea that somebody who’s engaged in blatant political corruption, for who knows how long now is better, or okay, or justifiable? I’m sorry, I just can’t bring myself to do that,” said Noir.

Progressive website Media Matters notes that show host Stinchfield has made inflammatory comments about minorities in the past. In October 2015, while commenting on Twtter about a New York Times article, Stinchfield wrote, “Blame minorities killing each other not law abiding conservatives. Let’s look harder at broken families not gun laws.”

In the wake of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, Stinchfield tweeted about how President Obama and unions “have motive to want him dead.”