TX lawmaker hit by celebratory gunfire on New Year’s Eve (VIDEO)

A state representative from Texas has considered introducing legislation aimed at celebratory gunfire after he was struck in the head by a bullet on New Year’s Eve.

Armando “Mando” Martinez was ringing in the new year in Weslaco when, just before midnight, he kissed his wife then felt a pain in his head that he said felt like he had been hit with a sledgehammer.

As it turned out, Martinez was struck in the head by a stray .223-caliber bullet, and according to Sgt. J.P. Rodriguez with the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office, they believe the bullet likely came from a shot that was fired into the air.

Martinez was rushed to the hospital where surgeons removed the bullet, which punctured his skull and was mere millimeters from his brain. Martinez later told reporters it was only “by the grace of God” that he was having a conversation about the incident.

The sheriff’s office is investigating the incident and Martinez said shooting celebratory gunfire into the air is something that needs to stop.

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