‘Guns in America’ exhibit visits California art studio

Guns in America

“White Hat Syndrome” by WB Eckert

A nonprofit art center in Paso Robles, California, is featuring the “Guns in America” exhibit with a wide array of firearm-themed works of art.

The exhibit features nearly three dozen pieces which were created by about 20 different artists using a variety of mediums.

Sasha Irving, executive director at Studios in the Park acknowledged that viewpoints on the topic vary greatly and opinions are rarely black and white.

“There’s no more controversial or polarizing issue than guns,” she said.

According to Irving, they wanted to be as inclusive as possible with the exhibit and hoped it would open a dialogue on the topic.

“We made it clear that this was an opportunity for artists from all political perspectives to come together,” she added.

The exhibit opened at the beginning of the January and will run through this weekend.

Guns in America

“Born in the U.S.A.” by Sam Peck

Guns in America

“We The People” by Ken J. Velarde of Hogue, Inc.

Guns in America

“Bocote Walk” by Ken J. Velarde of Hogue, Inc.

Guns in America

“American Killing Fields” by Sam Peck

Guns in America

“Armed and Dangerous – Shoot To Kill” by Sam Peck

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