Taming the Colt King Cobra in .357 Mag (VIDEO)

The Mrgunsngear Channel dusts off a classic wheelgun, Colt’s King Cobra complete with old school Pachmayr grips, and takes it for a spin.

Colt’s “Snake” series (Python, Anaconda, et. al) is considered by many to be the pinnacle of collectible revolvers out of Hartford and the 20+-year-old King Cobra shown in the video is an all-stainless steel beast that tips the scales at just past 2.5-pounds. The owner of the piece uses it as a backup gun while hunting so it’s not a pristine firearm, but a little honest work is good for a snake from time to time.

Sure, Colt just got back into the wheelgun biz with their reintroduction of the .38 Special Cobra last month, but it’s not the King, baby.